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Shoreline Marine Trailer Coupler Lock

September 8, 2013 - Comment

Trailer Coupler Lock

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Trailer Coupler Lock


Ron says:

Trailer lock I only use it now & then. When I leave my trailer un-attended, it fits the coop! Well made too!

MB says:

Not as Good as the Original I’m not sure what happened, but the original manufacturer of this style of trailer coupler lock (Fulton) stopped making this exact style, and now they’re a lot of knockoffs out there, including this one. They don’t work as well, they don’t hold up to weather, water, ice, etc. and it’s next to impossible to duplicate keys. Buyer beware, Fulton makes a new albeit more expensive style that I’m going to check out, don’t waste your money on this one unless you’re intent on calling a locksmith.

Anonymous says:

quality lock that fits tight and seems difficult to break. the lock works with the key turning like a screw to tighten into place.this can be just a little awkward and takes longer than a “snap” lock. overall a really nice trailer lock.

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