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Fulton Heavy Duty 2-Speed Trailer Winch, 3200 Pounds

September 14, 2013 - Comment

3200 Lb, 2-Speed

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3200 Lb, 2-Speed


Pat Anderson says:

Beware – This is a CABLE ONLY Winch I wanted a heavy duty winch with a strap to replace a cable winch. The cable frequently kinked and would not come off the drum easily, so I wanted a strap. The third bullet on the product features say “Designed for either rope or strap applications.” The “Frequently Bought Together” offers this winch with the Dutton-Lainson 20 foot winch strap with hook, and…

Old Guy is a "Late Adopter" says:

BEWARE – WRONG INFORMATON I purchased this winch based on Amazon’s information that it designed for either strap or cable rope. It is not made for strap use at all. The box says the same incorrect information, so I don’t really blame Amazon except that Amazon recommends a package purchase with the strap. The recommended strap would have been the wrong size anyway, as the winch has a 3″ housing and the recommended strap is two inches. This would cause the strap to fail. Another reviewer notes the same problem, but…

Anonymous says:

I ordered the fulton 2 speed 3200 winch and it was listed as for use with strap, but it was not. I returned it and talked to amazon and was assured that the next one would be strap type, I received it and was not the strap type, it was the same winch, I returned it and ordered one with a strap.Amazon said they would remove or correct the listing regarding that it was not for use with straps, but as of today they have not.Its easy to return items to amazon, but they don’t correct…

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