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ESI 220 4/5 Pin Flat Trailer Wiring Buddy

October 18, 2013 - Comment

Tests 4 and 5 pin flat connector wiring. One man audible trailer tester saves time.

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Tests 4 and 5 pin flat connector wiring. One man audible trailer tester saves time.


marlon61 says:

awesome! works just as advertised My trailer lights weren’t working. The trailer has had light issues, but was it the car or the trailer this time? 30 seconds with this and I knew the answer!I realize there are other devices that have just LEDs and I bought one of those too. However, this unit makes noise so you can diagnose the wiring by yourself. All that the units with the LED lights do is allow you to diagnose the problem without a trailer — you still need another person.If you rent trailers or…

Anonymous says:

Bought this to troubleshoot a potential wiring problem with my vehicle (factory installed wiring to a trailer hitch) or the trailer. Plugged it in, listened to the beeps, and found out in less than 1 minute from the driver’s seat that my vehicle wiring was good to go. Worth the price and peace of mind! Great product!

Anonymous says:

I bought this to troubleshoot the trailer wiring on my truck. Most of the little LED lit testers require a second person and a constant reference to the manual for which little light is supposed to come on and mean what. This tester is loud and audible from the drivers seat. You can troubleshoot without having a second person, or having to train a second person on what to look for. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs to test their trailer lights.

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