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Hillsound Trail Crampon Traction Device, Black, Large

September 15, 2013 - Comment

Easy on, easy off light weight winter trail crampon with superior traction and stability.

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Easy on, easy off light weight winter trail crampon with superior traction and stability.


jstover33 says:

Best Trail Crampon for Tough Conditions First let me say I am a big booster of Hillsound’s main competition, the Kahtoola Microspikes. In fact, my glowing review of the Microspikes was, for months, the first review you saw on Kahtoola’s web site. I have worn out (and repaired them repeatedly with vise, hammer and pliers) my first pair of Microspikes. I now have a second pair of Kahtoolas to replace my old, very worn ones. Those spikes on the first set now resemble the teeth of a 80-year old Eskimo woman.I thought this…

Britrock says:

Like adding AWD to your feet I live in Kodiak Alaska and have spent most of my hunting and hiking strugging up slidy muddy inclines and sliding down on my butt. These trail crampons are like adding AWD to your feet. Outstanding for use when the ground is wet, great for contoring along mountainsides. Now winter is upon us these crampons are really proving there worth in the snow and ice. These turn what was an arduous climb or descent into a stroll. Everyone I have been out on the hills with recently has now ordered a…

LaLuz97 says:

Good, but I like MicroSpikes better I had to give these a try based on the reviews and the potential benefit of the more defined spikes. My test involved climbing a 11K mountain, with Ice, moderate snow and hip deep snow, climbing 40-50 degree pitches at times. Temps range from 40s to 20s on top. Under certain circumstances these provide better traction than Micro-spikes, however I ran into two issues: (1) climbing uphill on mixed terrain, the front end had a tendency to shift off the front toe. It was just less forgiving than…

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