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Coghlan’s 9869 3-Count Mesh Ditty Bag Set

October 2, 2013 - Comment

Coghlan-feets 9869 3-count mesh ditty bag set

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Coghlan-feets 9869 3-count mesh ditty bag set


P. Nelson says:

not bad for the price, but not as functional as hoped I was looking primarily for a couple mesh bags to hold my wrestling headgear and mouth pieces; it’s a great way to get them in the laundry without losing the small bits or having the velcro bind to stuff. Also I can usually count on pulling the bag out before the load goes into the dryer (not good for the mouthpiece!). So, these ought to have been perfect, especially for the price.The reason for me luke-warm response, though, is the width-to-length ratio on these bags. They are…

BeachBaby says:

Perfect for gym use! Great price and quality. Perfect for the gym. Gave one to my daughter, i use one and have an extra. Holds several little travel bottles in the two larger sizes.

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