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5-in-1 Survival Kit

September 8, 2013 - Comment
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Johnny C. "johnnywildcat" says:

Disappointed I ordered 12 of these as a give away for my Boy Scout Troop. I understand these were only $3 each but I (and the boys) were disappointed with the quality.The good:The whistle and compass work fineThe bad:Over half would not open without the use of a pair of plyers. Maybe it was assembled before the gasket glue was dry.Another issue – nearly a quarter of them lost the flint on the side – it simply fell out as they were trying to unscrew…

Jim Veretto "Jim" says:

For the price, this is a no brainer. Its not the greatest survival kit in the world, and if you’re planning on surviving with just this kit for very long, you’re probably in trouble.That being said, a few years back my wife and I were camping with some family friends. One of our friend’s daughters decided she wanted to go on a small hike, so her dad went with her away from our campsite off into the woods. 30 minutes went by.. and then an hour. Just as I was getting together some things to go looking for them, I could…

Brad Hill says:

Don’t waste your $ on this This was even cheaper than it looked. It doesn’t open so there’s no place for matches, the flint is too small to be useful.

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