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Texsport Caprock Sleeping Bag

September 22, 2013 - Comment

Machine washable Comfort rating of 35? F

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Machine washable Comfort rating of 35? F


Francois says:

nice and light Nice sleeping bag, lite and take low space when packed tight. Used it for camping in the mountain. temperature in the tent was -5C (23F) and felt warm with an additional liner in the sleeping bag. I’m 1.75m (5.8′) high ant it can definitely fits someone bigger. The elastic straps on the bottom are really useful to pack it.

Daniel Stephens "HaMsTeR" says:

Great to about 55F (not 35F)… The bag is comfortable and well made, but gets chilly when the temp drops close to 50F… I just finished a weekend using it and the bag was comfy when the first night was just below 60F, but the second night was just above 50F and it was a chilly night…

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