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Monodome Tent for 2 Persons with Carry Bag

September 10, 2013 - Comment

Material: polyester; Frame: FRP poles; Floor: PE;

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Material: polyester;
Frame: FRP poles;
Floor: PE;


jschner says:

Used it the same night I received it. I literally took this tent out of the box, peeked into the carry bag to make sure it had poles, strapped it outside my backpack in the side bottle holder, drove to the Tamarac Trailhead and hiked in 3.5 miles for an overnight dirt camp. It wasn’t noticeable at all on my pack. Sometimes I had to look at my shadow to make sure it was still there. haha The diameter packed in the carry sack is close to 4″ and 21 long. The sack is not tight so you could probably roll the tent another 1/2″ to 1″…

Geva says:

About as basic as a freestanding tent gets I bought the tent based on three criteria: can fit me who’s just under 6′ tall; cheap; lightweight as possible. Based on those criteria, this tent delivers. I was expecting to have to sleep in it diagonally, but I fit lengthwise which I can have a similarly-sized guest. Yes, it’s cheap, and there’s definitely a sense that I got what I paid for. Right out of the box there are some split seams on the carrying case, though the tent itself is so far intact. The floor is standard tarp material and…

junebuggy says:

Nice little tent Given that I paid about twenty bucks for this tent, I’m genuinely surprised at the quality. Took it on its first camping trip, and it held up pretty well. There’s some slight flaking on the inside of the bottom tarp, but nothing too horrible, and the outside of it, which was rubbing against sticks, rocks, and leaves, doesn’t have a mark on it. I think the flaking on the inside was due to my rather rough use and trying to maneuver my pack and belongings around it in the dark. All in all, I’m…

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