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ETQ IN1000I 1,000 Watt 63.1cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

September 7, 2013 - Comment
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Terminator says:

Awesome Generator For Small time Power Needs I have purchased the projector from a wholesaler for $125, it was a sweet deal indeed. I used it once so far and this is my initial review. I am tech savvy so I tested this unit in several ways I could for initial run. To begin with this is a very cute portable (not heavy at all) device that powered following items:1. Hair Dryer – 400 Watts2. Two Tube Lights – 80 Watts3. CFL Light – 25 Watts4. 2 Fans – 200 Watts ApproxTotal wattage close to 1000 Watts and…

eric says:

worked great Bought this generator for tailgaiting i t worked great. I tried it out in the driveway before we left and it seemed a little loud, but we set it in front of the truck and could barely tell it was there. It seems t have enough power for my needs so far. I ran my 32″ lcd tv, a smallish sound bar, antenna signal booster, two crock pots and a string of christmas lights on it for 4 hours on one tank. I chose it mostly for it’s size and weight as i planned to use it for tailgating, it fit perfect…

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