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Coleman Egg Container (12 Count)

September 8, 2013 - Comment

Egg Container – 12 Count

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Egg Container – 12 Count


Don Burgess says:

eggselent Taken this egg container on 3 trips now. Generally we don’t take great care when loading items, so the eggs had been broken many times in the past. But not one egg has broken in this egg container. We load it full with eggs, and toss it in the cooler or fridge and don’t have to worry about any broken eggs at all.

J. Moon says:

Good purchase Packed in 12 eggs and it got jostled around a bear food keg (hard sides) when loading and unloading from a canoe. I didn’t lose an egg.On a side note, mine were red, not turquoise.

Nate says:

Works great- cheaper at wal mart This egg holder is great on camp outs and short trips. Only bad part of getting this on amazon is that you will be spending 3 bucks more than at wal-mart. I would rather give Amazon my money than wal-mart any day however.

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