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Crawl N Play

October 29, 2013 - Comment
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srikvln "srikvln" says:

Not so great This tent is very fragile and it is very easy to topple and bend out of shape.My toddler would do that every time within 5 minutes of playing with it. So, the adult has to go back and erect it again.The tunnel is the same story.So, eventually we are not using it anymore.I had to buy another tunnel from Ikea for lesser price and it stays in shape so that kids can have some quality play time.

L. Maskelony "Number Jockey" says:

15 month old twins love it! The great thing about this toy is it collapses down for easy storage (doesn’t take up a lot of space in your house). The girls love to run around with the detachable tubes around them (they’re a little taller than the tubes are long). The drawback is the tent gets knocked over a little easily, but overall it’s a great purchase because everything is more fun in a tent.

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